Exhibition Space

How Walkerhill Theater was transformed into a venue for immersive exhibitions with the biggest scale in Seoul

Transformation of Korea's first theater that was equipped with modern stage facilities

Walkerhill Theatre was opened in 1963 as Korea's first theatre that had modern stage facilities.

Since then, Walkerhill Theater has continued to invite the world's greatest shows and performances and established itself as a symbol of performing art and theatre representing Korean culture and tourism. Walkerhill Theater discontinued its operation as of 2022, and now the it is ready to reborn as a new space for art and culture by fully utilizing its spatial characteristics including lights, stage settings, etc.

Optimum condition as a venue for immersive media art exhibitions

'Théâtre des Lumières' with the biggest scale in Seoul is transformed by utilizing overwhelming space and the best technologies.

HD projectors and servers as well as audio/video automation systems, 3D sound and other advanced technologies are combined together to present a unique artistic experience to visitors to be fully immersed in the exhibition surrounded by artworks and music. Also, the immersive experience provided in a grand space of 3,305m² in total area and 21m in height that is the biggest scale in Seoul will enable visitors fully enjoy the art with overwhelming emotions.