About Us

Once a state-owned communications facility, an old bunker is reborn as "Bunker des Lumières,"
a French immersive media art exhibition.

A French immersive media art project with a cultural regeneration concept combining art and technology, in addition to art and music

Created by reinventing an old, state-owned communications facility, Bunker des Lumières is the ultimate hot spot for admiring the works of masters through light and music.

Incorporating immersive media art, an innovative exhibition technique, this “bunker” offers the experience of being immersed in art beyond just the visual. Viewers are guided to easily understand and appreciate various artworks in refreshing and new ways.

Through these efforts, we hope to realize not only urban regeneration, but also cultural democratization to help more people experience culture and art.

In addition to permanent exhibitions comprised of Western masterpieces, Korean artworks are also on display.