BI Story

A landmark of culture and art, and a new conceptual art exhibition space


Bunker des Lumières is a complex culture and art space housed in a former state-owned communications facility that underwent a complete transformation through the use of art and technology.

The historical significance of this site and its use as a secret bunker is expressed with bold, clear lines, and the meaning and symbolism of Bunker des Lumières (a bunker transformed with light) is reflected through lines spreading out at consecutively wider angles from the inside to the outside of the image.

The use of a single color is designed to emphasize the contents unfolding inside the cultural space, and to strengthen the overall visuals of the image.


    A unique space based on
    urban regeneration


    Communication of the
    unique beauty of
    world-famous artworks in a
    creative, cultural setting


    Made art projections that
    combine light and
    advanced technology

iF Award-Winning Brand Design

The BI (Brand Identity) of Bunker des Lumières was named a winner in the communication category of “iF Design Award,” one of the world’s three major design awards.